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Services: Our Chefs/Cooks' Expertise
Service process
Simply send us a job specification and your company / restaurant details by completing our Job Registration Form. No initial fee is required.
From our extensive database of candidates, we will select the best matches for your recruiting needs. As our staffing service is provided on a contingency basis, i.e. fee is charged upon confirmation of employment, we would like our clients to confirm our terms and conditions prior to commencing the referral service.
Upon confirmation of the candidate’s interest for your position, we will send you their resume by email.
Candidate’s resume is reviewed by your company/restaurant.
We will coordinate arranging interviews for qualified candidates. Please let us know if you wish to arrange test cooking during the interviews.
Please let us know about the interview results; we will follow up with successful as well as unsuccessful candidates.
Should there be any difference in your offer and the candidate’s requirement for employment, we will conduct on your behalf negotiations on employment contract terms and conditions, including the remuneration package, accommodations, starting date and other particulars.
Upon both parties’ agreement, we will ask you to issue a formal offer letter.
An employment contract is officially sealed between you and the candidate.
Prior to the candidate’s travel to your country, the application of work permit as well as tickets will be arranged. Please also arrange your new employee’s accommodations in your country prior to their arrival.