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Company Name Global Initiative Corporation
Head Office 3rd.Floor, Yamamoto Bldg., 1-14-7, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013 Japan
Establishment Mar. 2003
CEO Kiyo Tabeta
of business
Recruiting / Executive Search
HR Consulting
International Placement Service
Group Company Seven Seas Consulting Co.,Ltd. (Seoul, South Korea)
Executive team
CEO Keith Tabeta

CEO Kiyo Tabeta
Kiyo Tabeta stated career in the temporary and recruitment industry with one of the industry pioneers in Japan and has been in the field since 1990. He played active roles in sales and marketing, public relations, and overseas branch managements. In 1995, he was given an assignment to manage its New York office for 3 years and then transferred to Hong Kong, where he oversaw one of the group companies' operations. He was then assigned to startup a new service division at the headquarters to assist middle-aged and senior business professionals to break new grounds in their career life. In 2000, he himself was head hunted by one of the most highly regarded Korean companies and was invited as an executive director of human resource department of its group compnay. After leading the company to a success, Kiyo took another voyage in 2003 and started up his own company, Global Initiative Corporation in Tokyo, Japan, and Seven Seas Consulting Co., Ltd. in Seoul, South Korea.
Technical Director Hiro Yamaguchi

Technical Director
 Hiro Yamaguchi
Born in Kyoto, Chef Hiro developed his passion in cooking from his young age. After graduating from one of the oldest and the most recognized Japanese Universities with a BA degree, he chose to pursue a vocational path to become a professional Japanese chef in a hotel environment and commenced his professional career in Tokyo. Chef Hiro spent 15 years of ascetic trainings in mastering arts of Japanese culinary skills before he found himself as an Executive Chef in a renowned Kai-Seki restaurant in Japan. After successfully heading up several teams of Japanese culinary staff, he was invited by The Pan Pacific Hotel, Manila as an Executive Chef and kicked off his professional culinary career abroad. Chef Hiro's strong passion in creating refined Japanese cuisine was well accepted in Manila and he was offered another position at The Century Park Hotel (Manila) as an Executive Japanese Chef and worked for the hotel for 3 years. Then, he went to South Korea and was with The Renaissance Hotel (Seoul) as a Japanese Chef from 2004.

Currently Chef Hiro is on a mission with FindChef-Agent while he is working on several restaurant projects as a consultant and as an Executive Japanese Chef.