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About Findchef-Agent
Your Right Hand Partner in Finding the Right Japanese Chef/Cook
We know from experience that finding the right Japanese chef/cook is an essential criterion for the success of any type of Japanese restaurant. However, that essential element is not always an easy task to accomplish, especially for recruiting managers outside Japan. With our office strategically placed in Tokyo, we are proud to deeply understand such needs of our clients, and as a very unique Japanese chef/cook agency specializing in establishing partnerships with our clients outside Japan, we strive to provide optimal Japanese chef/cook staffing solutions to hotels and restaurants all over the world.
FindChef-Agent Global Initiative Corporation
Introducing the Real Charms and Beauties of a Japanese Culinary Experience
Japanese Cuisine has now attracted worldwide recognition thanks to its healthy cooking style as well as delicate, five-senses enlivening tastes. There are over one million Japanese restaurants in the world, and they are providing an invaluable dining experience to their impressionable customers.

Our commitment has been and will be always the same as our clients: to continuously attract more people around the world to experience authentic Japanese culinary delicacies, accompanied with warm Japanese hospitality.
Producer of Worldwide Japanese Culinary Boom
The art of Japanese cooking is comprised of carefully selected seasonal ingredients, coupled with a chef’s creativity. Expert chefs pay careful attention to carefully creating a sense of hospitality and unique seasonal qualities in their culinary products. Tasting carefully presented Japanese dishes is often described as a, “Magical Moment”.